Ohio & My Best Friend

A Personal Post

I’ve been struggling to work out what to write on here all day. We all hear about mass shootings on the news, and while we can sympathise, we can never truly understand the impact of it.

This morning, I came to understand that situation, and the fear, perfectly. I woke up, and checked my phone as usual, to find a message from my bestie, Danielle.

I could tell from her voice, that there was something badly wrong. As I listened, she told me that there had been another mass shooting, this time, in the Oregon district of Dayton, OH.

Her husband, who is a cop, is, thankfully okay. As is she, but it really hit home for me more than ever, how fragile life is, and how a single moment can change everything.

Today has been a rather solemn and introspective one for me. The shooting happened just 15miles away from her. That’s less distance than it is for me to go from home to Carmarthen.

Just hearing the terror in her voice, and the audible shock… I can’t really explain that feeling. I wanted to go to her, and hug her, and comfort and protect her.

The thing is that people will think of the victims, and their families, as they rightly should, but we must also remember the responders, and their families, who will spend hours at a time, worrying about them.

This shooting is a terrible, senseless tragedy, and one that, like all shootings, has a far further reach than anyone could realise.

Today, I stand with the people of Ohio. You have been through so much this year, and I know that you are strong.

To my beautiful, brave, best friend, who I know has had an extremely sleepless night, know that I love you, and that I stand with you. #ohiostrong #lovenothate

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