Before I turned 23, I couldn’t draw a stick man. At school I was told that I would never be any good, and that I shouldn’t really be bothering. I have a very vivid imagination, and the want to see the pictures inside my head visibly before me on the page became so strong, that I started drawing, and I haven’t looked back since. I took a few classes, and am constantly looking for ways to improve my artistic skills. I am currently studying Illustration, and am very much enjoying seeing the images I visualise when I read something, coming to life on the paper.

I work in a variety of different mediums, including graphite, watercolour, pastels, inktense, encaustic, and digital.

I love doing portraits, but I also work with fantasy subjects, and animals. Currently I am working on a portrait of a friend’s son for her.

Please feel free to check out some of my images on Instagram.