Prepping For The Fifth

Prepping for the fifth

On fire, fireworks, and fears…

by Jingda Chen on Unsplash

Now that Halloween is out of the way (thank goodness, bah humbug and all the other scroogish things that I can say), and November is upon us, we have the delightful joy of fireworks and bonfires to look forward to (yes, I am being sarcastic). I dislike both of these so-called holidays with a passion.

The thing is, I’m terrified of fire. I have a phobia of it. I can just about tolerate a well behaved candle nowadays, but nothing very much bigger than that. And fireworks, while it is impossible to ignore the beauty of them, I simply can’t get past the need for the screaming, whistling, and loud bangs, which are so far beyond what is reasonable.

With all of this noise going on, (and let’s face it, it’s never just for the one night, is it?), I really fear for all of the pets and wildlife who will be terrified by the noise, not to mention those service men and women who, upon hearing these bangs and explosions (because that’s what they are), will quite possibly be transported back to a time in their lives, which is full of trauma. The thing is, they actually make silent fireworks, which I would be perfectly fine with, and if this is an option, why do we still see fireworks with ever increasing loudness being sold year after year?

It seems crazy to me, in a time where so many countries are ravaged and war torn, and where we have supposedly declared a war on terror, that we still insist on celebrating Guy Fawkes, who was, if we cut to the chase, A TERRORIST! When was it decided that he was an ‘ok’ kind of terrorist, who should be remembered all by himself? This makes no sense to me at all.

I know that I’m being a bit ranty here, but it’s my blog, so I’m going to write exactly what I want to write, and I hope that any of you reading this can accept that.

I guess what it comes down to, is that I really REALLY dislike these supposed holidays, and to be honest, I can’t wait for them to be over and done with.

That being said, for those of you that have differing views to me, I hope that you enjoy whatever celebrations you plan to have this year, just remember to check your bonfires for wildlife before you light them, and make sure that any pets are safe and indoors where they can get as little stressed out as possible.

Li Carter is a writer, artist and crafter. She lives in South Wales, UK, with her family, and five rescue dogs. She’s on Twitter @rbcreativeli , Facebook: Rainbow Butterfly Creative, and Instagram @rainbowbutterflycreative and is the author of My Only True Friend: The Beginning. She is currently working on a new series titled The QuickSilver Chronicles. She is the original Rainbow Butterfly, and wants to fill an ever darkening world with a little bit of beauty and creativity.


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