Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

And why they’re stupid!

by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

So many times in society, we hear people say that they have a “Guilty pleasure”, and every time I hear this, I want to smack the person saying it. I don’t understand what it is with people that they feel they can’t express their likes openly without trying to put those likes down.

How many times have you said that you like something and then sort of laughed it off, saying that it’s your guilty pleasure? When did life become about only liking what is currently in.

I hate this attitude. It happens with movies; tv; games… pretty much anything you can think of. The fact is, if you like it, then you like it, and that’s all there is to it. People can try and tell you that you shouldn’t like something, but if you do, then that’s okay and if your friends disagree, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your friendships.

I’ve been through the motions of hiding the music and tv that I like, and you know what? It made me miserable. So now, if someone asks me what music I like, I tell them (and believe me, it’s an extremely eclectic mix, ranging from Britney Spears to Linkin Park, to Hillsong Worship, and everywhere in between) and you know what? I don’t care if they think the music I listen to is rubbish. The fact is that I like it, and I am going to carry on listening to it, and the people who might be tempted to cringe can like it or lump it!

Of course, it goes the other way, too, where you get the people who will listen to something and rave about it until it becomes ‘mainstream’, and then put it down and say that it’s rubbish, even though they actually like it. That seems crazy to me.

People, if you like something, then like it! Don’t feel like you have to hide it. I mean, sure, there are going to be people who judge you, but if they’re going to judge you, are they really people that you want to be associating with?

Li Carter is a writer, artist and crafter. She lives in South Wales, UK, with her family, and five rescue dogs. She’s on Twitter @rbcreativeli , Facebook: Rainbow Butterfly Creative, and Instagram @rainbowbutterflycreative and is the author of My Only True Friend: The Beginning. She is currently working on a new series titled The QuickSilver Chronicles. She is the original Rainbow Butterfly, and wants to fill an ever darkening world with a little bit of beauty and creativity.


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