Finally Free…

Finally Free..

A Poem In Darkness

Spaghetti junction is a maze of wire,

It’s out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Hustle and bustle, all fizzing a mass.

Copper wire, and metal sheets encased in plastic, looks so crass.

Waves and rays all run through lines,

Don’t stop and think, just move with the times.

So many thoughts: a million and one of them

Play on the mind — look! The crème de la crème.

So many airheads, and so many nerds,

So many people just follow the herd.

Some longed to be different, stood out from the crowd,

The fireworks sparkled; fore they gazed at death’s shroud;

And all of a sudden, the hustle and bustle,

The noise and the fizzing and all of the sparkle

Went out with the flick of a switch into black.

And looking ahead said “Goodbye” smiling back,

She knew straight away, there was no going back as the chains let her go

The powers coursed through her; she felt them flow.

As the spark left her body, she laughed inside in glee.

Now, at last, she was finally free…


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