Chained Passions Free

Chained Passions Free

A Sonnet

From betwixt the bars, chained I stare; and see,

That freedom so scarcely seen snared, in fear.

Passion roaming from within starts to sear,

Bucking and running; jumps a fence to flee.

Heart pounding; head booming, shouting, “be free”

An eye for an eye, an ear for an ear,

What is there for me, but a single tear?

Heart slowing, head quiet, whispers, to me.

Crimson contentment, the passion flows free,

Released, removed, it flits far, high away

Out of me, externally, fleetingly.

Only seconds, within I’m free, just me.

And hidden I try keep the chains at bay

I know they’ll return again soon, for thee.


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