Build A Wall

Build A Wall

Cracks start to show in the thick painted mask

The little girl with gavel chips away

Never will she quit her unending task

No matter how the outside seeks to sway

Her resolution: it just stays strong.

Though they try to make believe she’s wrong.

On the outside, the external view

Wallpapering, pasting over cracks.

Paints the wall anew.

Autonomous personage smacks

Out at the little chipping girl

Makes to avoid being caught out in emotional whirl

Pulled this way and that

Torn in all directions

Prays for theat-

-rical conclusions

A deafening crescendo,

She can throw herself into.

The little girl tires

Puts down gavel

Sits and cries.

Starts to unravel.

Pain chips the mask

She’s been put to task.

Bending the wires,

Watches funeral pyres.

That strong wall is falling,

Bricks as tears.

As the little girl sits wailing,

Out come all the fears.

Wishing for the abyss,

Numbness amiss.

The pain overwhelms,

She has no qualms,

As she rebuilds that solid wall,

Knows that she yet cannot fall

Again. The mask’s restored,

The girl’s cries abhorred.

She’s locked inside,

Pushed aside.

Failed escape attempts,

She adds to the lists.

As she takes up gavel,

Chips at the gravel.

Beating at the wall,

Prays it will fall.

This whining pup,

Will not give up.

Fights to be free,

Show who she must be.

Doesn’t want to flee,

“I just want to be me”…


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