Behind The Curtain

Behind The Curtain

“Mummy, I don’t feel well” I whined.
“What’s wrong Darling?” she asked.
I didn’t know what was wrong, I just knew I didn’t feel ‘right’. I didn’t go to school that morning. Mum decided to take me to the doctor instead. Grandad wasn’t well either. He came with us. I heard them talking, but didn’t really pay much attention. The surgery was an old building, with brown carpets and grey walls. While we waited, my Mum and Grandad talked. I played with a couple of toys that had been left for the children.
“Eric” the doctor called my Grandad in. I didn’t know then what was going to happen. If I had I would have tried to stop him going in there. My name was called next. Mum picked me up and we followed the doctor. The curtains
were pulled around us. They were green. I sat down on the bed and we waited for the doctor to come and see us. It was so quiet, and then suddenly very loud. Running footsteps along the corridors, and shouting. The curtains of our cubicle pulled apart,
“Get that woman out of here” a doctor shouted. I was scared; but I don’t think I cried. Someone came and led us out. As we walked, I saw the curtains for the cubicle next door blow open. Mum saw it too. I felt her whole body tense. Laying on the floor was my granddad. Curled up like he was sleeping, but with one arm reaching out. I wanted to go to him, reach out and take his hand. As we were bundled along the corridor, I saw the curtain flutter closed, covering my granddad.I didn’t know then, that that would be the last time I ever saw him.


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