A Mirror

A Mirror

A poem without rhyme

A Mirror,
A window to the soul,
A Mirror never lies.
But does it?
Does it always tell the truth?
Does it tell people they are fat or thin?
Does it tell them if they’re ugly?
Does it tell them the whole truth,
Part of the truth,
Or a complete lie?
Does it tell the anorexic that she’s fat?
Or the pretty that she’s ugly?
Does it tell the truth?
Or merely show a picture that we might not want to see?
The mirror.
A window to the soul?
It shows a picture,
But does it show the real person.
Does it look into someone’s eyes,
And strip away the layers,
Can it ever truly tell the truth when it never looks deeper,
Than a person’s outside features?
A mirror.
A window to the soul?
A mirror never lies.
But it does.
It never looks deeper,
Into a person’s thoughts, heart and soul.
A mirror tells a lie,
Every time that someone sees it….


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